Christ's Way  - "Education is...the lighting of a fire."
Our DirectorTestimonials
"The level of service at Christ's Way Academy of Learning is fantastic. My son has been a student for three years, and I am impressed by the love and patience shown to the students.  Thank you for caring and giving so much!"
R. B., Greenwell Springs, LA
"One of our volunteersIn this day and age, it’s hard to find a teacher who is willing to go the distance to accomodate your child.  After Hurricane Gustav, I enrolled my son for the duration of the time we were in Baton Rouge.  He loved it, and was saddened when we had to move north.  Thanks, Mrs. Davis, for welcoming us. Keep up the good work!"
J. D., Garden City, MO
One of our volunteers
"I will miss Christ's Way Academy when I graduate.  I wasn't rushed through my work, like I was at my other schools.  I would love to spend my high school years with Mrs. Davis." T. L., Baton Rouge, LA
"Summer Camp was the best!  I didn't even mind doing math and reading because I knew it was helping me for the next year.  I can't wait to come back next summer!  Learning is fun at Christ's Way Academy." 
S. P., Baton Rouge, LA