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Literacy Initiative

Through our literacy division, we are building skills and enriching lives through literacy in the East Baton Rouge Parish.

Our literacy program was created to present basic literacy services for those who need help achieving self-sufficiency; 

to support educational and informational activities which increase literacy; and to serve as a referral agency for other services which strengthen the stability of the educationally disadvantaged sector.

We provide free one-on-one tutoring for teenagers and adults who have the desire to improve their reading and writing skills. We also conduct small group tutoring sessions for students who are seeking to acquire a high school equivalency diploma. In addition, we offer life management instruction (i.e. employability skills, parenting, health and nutrition.)

Non-Discriminatory Policy Christ’s Way Academy does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, color, national origin, disability, age, political beliefs, marital or familial status. Individuals with disabilities will be accommodated to the fullest extent as outlined in the American Disabilities Act guidelines.

Due to limitations of the volunteer-based program, Christ’s Way Academy is unable to serve some individuals who are cognitively disabled or developmentally disabled. Recognizing this policy, there may be individuals who, however willing, are not able to benefit from tutoring. If in the opinion of the tutor or a staff person and with the concurrence of the executive director, such a situation exists, the student will be advised that tutoring or continuing in tutoring is not recommended. If possible, the individual will be referred to another appropriate agency better able to meet his or her needs.

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